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Brett McGaw. Proprietor, Lime Dezign.

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A user-friendly showcase to do justice to the company and the product...

SC Constructions are builders fastidious on quality and workmanship, and cater to everyone equally from the small renovator to the dream-home creator.

Like many businesses do to save on start-up costs, SC Constructions accepted the kind help of a friend to get a 'free' website up an running. However as time passed, it become apparent that the website was not performing or functioning to match the level of quality required in a business website.  With other tasks pressing, website re-development remained a way down the list of priorities until it was decided to "just get it done!".

In less than 2 weeks from the word "Go", Lime Dezign had created a completely new mobile-responsive website with new images and content revised from the old website... much to the client's delight (!).

The new site captures the essence of SC Constructions and showcases the quality of there work beautifully, enhanced by high-quality professional photograph images.

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