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    Want to get to number one in Google search results? Don't we all!!! You can.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has become crucial to the success of any website. The internet is now the primary source for consumers to find the products and services they seek.  And competition is strong.  Your website needs to tuned to the searches your customers are making.  If it isn't, then they'll be finding your competitor's sites first which means you miss out on sales. And the longer you leave it, the harder it gets.

    SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a way to jump the queue with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising like Google Adwords. It's also very effective in marketing to a very specific audience directly, and you can set whatever budget limit that suits you. When done well, PPC advertising can bring an immediate boost to your sales.

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    "How do I get on the first page of Google?"

    The answer is simple: Tune your website to what your customers (and therefore Google also) want to see.   SEO is a key process in the establishment of an effective Online Marketing Strategy.

    There is a range actions that Lime Dezign can do to increase traffic to your site, and improve the rate of conversion from viewer to customer. We will tailor a program according to your business goals and your budget. Methods include:

    • Statistical analysis including market research & keyword research
    • Website optimisation (off page)
    • Website copy-writing (on page)
    • Content-rich site features
    • Pay-per-click advertising campaigns (such as Google Adwords)
    • Integrated offline marketing initiatives

    "How much does SEO cost?"

    It really depends on who you ask; but it can be quite a lot. Sadly, many marketers and SEO providers do put their own interests considerably further ahead of their clients'. So do shop around, and don't be too swayed by the sales pitch (some of which are amazing BTW).

    The Lime Dezign SEO and Adwords Management packages aim to present the best price and value out there.

    Here's what you'll pay at Lime Dezign for local expertise and personal service:


    Affordable Online Marketing Packages

    SEO Basic

    One-off service. No Monthly fee. Ideal for small business.
    • One-off service. No Monthly fee.
    • SEO health check and rectification on existing website
    • Keyword research; 20 optimal keywords
    • Page and content optimisation
    • Inclusion to various Google business and web resources

    $990incl. GST

    SEO Extended

    Following SEO Basic, for highly competitive markets where SERP positions require constant maintenance. Monthly service.

    • SEO health check and rectification where required.
    • Review of keyword performance and content as required
    • Review of page and content optimisation, including contextual backlinks.
    • Month by month invoicing. No lock-in contracts

    $390incl. GST

    Adwords Basic

    Purpose-driven Google Adwords campaign. Higher relevance Ads with lower cost-per-click. You set the advertising budget limit. Monthly service.

    • *Creation of 3 campaigns comprising one Ad each
    • *Keyword research; 20 optimal keywords
    • Month by month invoicing. No lock-in contracts.
    • Fully transferrable
    • Services are able to be extended according to your needs

    *One-off cost $290 for initial research & campaign setup

    $190incl. GST

    To find out more about boosting the performance of your site, contact us now.

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