Budget-Pro Websites

... Filling the affordability gap. And making it easy for you.

The cost of a website is directly proportional to the work that goes into it. The best websites are so, because of the thought, planning and work that has been invested.

That said, many small businesses just want an inexpensive website that looks tidy and professional, listing basic information.

To meet this need, Lime Dezign has constructed a website package that eliminates much of the time cost, but still looks great and works as it should.

Features include:

  • Wordpress CMS platform, for DIY content editing and optional blogging
  • Email contact-form with anti-spam Captcha®
  • Mobile responsive layout to view on all devices
  • Extendable to include things like Galleries, Sliders, Shopping-carts and social-media plugins
  • Built complete with your supplied content

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